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Thermal Imaging


DualSec Series

DUALSEC™ is a powerful around the clock, day and night multi sensor observation head, especially developed for security applications. It allows medium range observation and detection using state of the art thermal imaging and CCD technology. DUALSEC™ features a strong 1/4” Sony CCD camera for day time operation, and an Opgal uncooled dual field of view thermal imaging camera for day and night operations.
The usage of zoomable CCD and dual FOV thermal imager makes it ideal for wide field-of-view situational awareness and detection, as well as narrow field-of-view medium-range target recognition. DUALSEC™ is ruggedized to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity and dust.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermal camera with resolutio of 320X240 or 640X480
  • Dual FOV 45/135mm with auto focus thermal imaging
  • 36X optical zoom CCD with continuous digital zoom 12X
  • Light weight robust system
  • Cameras sealed proof for water, sand and dust
  • Easy mechanical mounting interface
  • Friendly Integration and maintenance
  • Communication: RS 232, RS 422, Pelco-D
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Simple integration with PTZ
  • Presenting identification abilities
  • Light weight
  • Ruggedized and robust


DUALSEC™ can be easily mounted on a PTZ for flexible 360 degrees FOV observation or be used on different sites, using a mobile tripod based.

It is ideal for perimeter surveillance and protection of national boards, airports, pipelines, oil terminals, power stations, industrial facilities and other sensitive sites

Mechanism Parameters

System Parameters