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Thermal Imaging


CompactSec Series

EYESEC™ is a 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera used mainly for observing and monitoring sensitive sites. It provides crisp, clear thermal image in total darkness, light fog or smoke. It is based on Opgal’s state-of-the-art uncooled microblometer technology EyeR25™ - 384X288 \ 320X240 or EyeR640™ - 640X480.

EYESEC™ Models:


Excellent performance using advanced image enhancement
AutoFocus - remote controlled focus on demand
Zoom - digital continuous zoom
Rugged design - sealed for water, sand and dust
Easy integration and installation using Pelco-D
Light weight and low power
Fully certified - CE , IP66, Mil-Std


The EYESEC™ offers night & day civilian and paramilitary
surveillance for site such as; nuclear plants, petrochemical
installations, warehouses, national borders, airports, railroads, pipelines, oil terminals, electrical power-plants, communication transmitters and prisons

Rigid and versatile

Built for shock resistant and is durable in every rugged environment and weather Easily mounted on PTZ and controlled by communication

Performance per model