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Thermal Imaging


RangeSec Series

RangeSec cameras are high sensitivity, midwave (3-5u) thermal imaging cameras, based on advanced cooled technology, designed for the high-end security and HLS markets.


  • Human detection up to 11 km
  • Highly effective under poor visibility and weather conditions
  • Easy integration and installation
  • Lightweight and small size
  • Compatible for a range of applications: Airports, harbors, borders

Continuous Zoom

Using a special optical lens, the operator can zoom
continuously while maintaining focus on target.

  • 19mm-275mm continuous zoom, 2°-29° FOV
  • 47.5mm-687.5mm continuous zoom using an optional
    doubler lens, 0.8°-12° FOV.

Rigid and Robust

Designed and certificated for MIL standard, highly rigid and robust for security outdoor applications, IP67 Standard – sealed for water, humidity, dust and salty areas. System is protected against electrical disordered currents and spikes.

RangeSec™ on PTZ

RangeSec™ cameras are also available on Pan Tilt platform, providing 360° thermal observation to track and follow suspicious moving targets.

Extremely High Performance

Based on Opgal’s EVS cooled IR engine, the EYE LITE™ provides crisp and clear image allowing maximum detection capabilities.
Using unique features:

  • Enhanced image processing supported by special run-time algorithms reveals more details.
  • Nucless signal processing constantly provids complete observation reliability and keeps image uniformity during environmental changes


Probability: 50% | Temperature Difference: 2°C | Atmospheric Transmittance: 87% | Human target: 1.7m x 0.5m | Nato taget: 2.3m x 2.3m |