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Air Data System



The Microbotics SPA20422 Air Data System is a microprocessor controlled system meant to provide basic altitude and airspeed information for unmanned vehicles. It consists of an absolute barometer (for static pressure), a differential barometer (for pitot pressure), and temperature sensors (both on-board and external) to assist in the airspeed determinations. An on-board microprocessor reads the sensor values, calibrates the readings, and then calculates the target parameters (altitude, airspeed, etc.). A non-volatile EEPROM is available to maintain user settings during power-down. This capability is attained on a circuit board only 1.05 x 1.15 inches (.75 inches thick).

1/8 inch tubing is used for connections to Static Air (for altitude measurement), as well as for the pitot static and dynamic ports (for airspeed measurement). Optional Industry standard temperature probes employing the Analog Devices AD590 are supported for external air temperature measurements.

Product info:
Air Data System User Manual

SLC2J09ADS - PC Interface Cable for Air Data System.

Pre-built interface cable that connects Air Data System (via mating connector) to a PC's RS232 serial port. >48" (1.22m) long. Has pre-tinned pigtails for 10-32 VDC external power supply.


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