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SIS90031C, SIS90031C-SR, SIS90031C-G

The MIDG II is an Inertial Navigation System (INS) with Global Positioning System (GPS) contained in an incredibly small package. This INS GPS package is ideally suited for any unmanned vehicle application that requires an inertial navigation solution. The MIDG II INS/GPS package is specifically designed to be used with the Microbot Autopilot Platform, but can also be used with other autopilot packages for primary instrumentation.

Message rates are configurable, and individual messages may be polled. All data messages are timestamped with GPS time, and a One Pulse Per Second signal is available for time synchronization in the host computer. Operational mode is selectable, including IMU only operation, vertical gyro simulation with magnetic aiding, and full INS solution. MIDG is intended for use in applications requiring a full state vector, including attitude, position, altitude, velocity, acceleration, and angular rates.

MIDG II INS/GPS Product Features
  • Size : 1.50” x 1.58” x 0.88”
  • Weight : Under 55 grams (1.9 oz.)
  • 3-Axis Rate Gyro
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • 3-Axis Magnetometer
  • Differential Ready GPS; WAAS/EGNOS compliant
  • Power In: 10 to 32 VDC, 1.2W maximum
  • Hardware filters provide vibration immunity
  • Advanced filter algorithms for exceptional performance
  • Position, Velocity, and Attitude from Kalman Filter at 50Hz
  • INCLUDED: Software (display and configuration utilities)
  • INCLUDED: Mating connector
  • 30 Day Free Support

MIDG II INS/GPS Product Documentation


MIDG II INS/GPS Accessories from Microbotics

PART Microbotics Part Number
PC Interface Connection Kit
Pre-built interface cable that connects MIDG II (via mating connector) to a PC's RS232 serial port. >48" (1.22m) long. Has pre-tinned pigtails for 10-32 VDC 100 mW external power supply.
PC USB Cable
Pre-built interface cable that connects MIDG II (via mating connector) to a PC's USB port. >48" (1.22m) long. No external power source needed.
Single Channel Serial Converter
RS232 to/from RS422 or TTL format


GPS Antenna
5 Volts, Hi-Gain/Lo-Noise, 0.56" (14.2mm) height, 196.9" (5m) cable length SMA
Mating Connector
With pigtail and has stainless 0-80 x 3/16" capturing screw that requires 0.035" (0.9mm) Hex Wrench
26 Gauge Wire, 48" (1.22m) long
26 Gauge Wire, 18" (0.46m) long
30 Gauge Wire, 18" (0.46m) long
Mounting Screws
0-80 x 3/16"
Nonmagnetic stainless
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