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Sealite LED Marine Lanterns are designed to be maintenance-free and have a service life of up to 12 years. With visible ranges from 1nm(1.8km) to more than 6nm(10.8km), the units are ideal for a range of applications and are available as complete operating systems to include solar, battery and LED light sources.

Sealite has extensive experience in the design and construction of power supplies and associated equipment to provide independent power systems for remote installations.



Sealite’s leading lights are typically used by mariners for distinguishing shipping channel entrances, and in pairs for alignment to show a safe passage through hazardous waters. The models are easily installed and operate from a 12v input. All models are available with up to 256 IALA recommended flash settings, and with an integrated photodiode to activate the unit automatically at nightfall.

Sealite marine buoys are constructed from UV-stabilised rotationally moulded polyethylene and are designed to offer a low-maintenance, high visibility solution to marine navigation. All Sealite buoys are high-density urethane-filled, and available in a wide range of configurations and sizes.


A range of Sealite marine lanterns are available that comply with requirements of lighting bridges and structures extending over navigable waterways. The 110mm Sealite LED lens is available in both positive and negative divergences to cater for elevated mounting positions.

A range of accessories for Sealite products are available including replacement LED flasher units, mounting hardware and rotationally moulded top-marks to suit IALA recommendations.


Sealite's range of remote monitoring systems provide users with the ability to effectively and efficiently monitor their AtoN installations from real-time data, reducing annual inspection and maintenance costs. Substantial safety gains can be achieved with such reliable, state-of the art systems.