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Thermal Imaging Cameras

We are a leading supplier of innovative thermal imaging cameras & engine for military and civilian uses.

CompactSec is a series of thermal imaging commercial cameras. The CompacSec™ cameras provide superb performances. Traditionally used in the past primarily for military security forces, CompacSec is now affordable for the civilian security community.

EyeSec is a 24/7 outdoor security thermal camera used mainly for observing and monitoring sensitive sites. It provides crisp, clear thermal image in total darkness, light fog or smoke.


RangeSec Series cameras are high sensitivity, midwave (3-5u) thermal imaging cameras, based on advanced cooled technology, designed for the high-end security and HLS markets.

DUALSEC is a powerful around the clock, day and night multi sensor observation head, especially developed for security applications. It allows medium range observation and detection using state of the art thermal imaging and CCD technology.